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The Westphalian world class rally from September 1st to 5th, 2021 offers a fantastic scenery. Not just for the participants! So if you want to gaze at the historical treasures, then visit one or all of the points below.

These offer you the perfect locations for photos with and without vintage cars. Of course, you can also just admire the classic cars when they roll past you with all their pride. But a cultural visit to these places is also worthwhile.

To make sure you do not miss one of the classic cars, we will put an exact time schedule online. Then you can choose the most beautiful places yourself.

Location, region and highlights

A lot has happened in Bad Sassendorf over the recent years. The spa park and the thermal baths shine in new splendor. The graduation tower, directly behind the spa gardens, invites you to take a break. Take a deep breath, feel the beneficial effects of the minerals in the brine and just relax! The Boerde Thermal Baths Bad Sassendorf invite you to further rest and relaxation. Natural brine, sea salt cave and numerous wellness and beauty offers await you here.

Those who are relaxed enough can go on a search for traces of salt. The Westfälische Salzwelten adventure museum is dedicated to the history of brine and salt.

With its typical Westphalian half-timbered buildings, Bad Sassendorf offers many cozy cafes, restaurants and shops that invite you to enjoy and stroll.

There are well-marked cycling and hiking trails around Bad Sassendorf. So you can explore the Hellweg Boerde, the surrounding districts and communities.

In addition to Bad Sassendorf, Westphalia has a lot to offer and is full of wonderful treasures – places, lakes, mountains, culture and history that can enchant you.

Highlights from our region

The Moehne dam is Westphalia’s heaviest architectural monument. Consists of over 250,000 cubic meters of rubble stones. It was a British target during World War II. In May 1943, it was blown up by several bombs. Over 90 million cubic meters of water leaked out. A tidal wave up to seven meters high paved its way through the narrow Moehne Valley and carried away everything that stood in its way. Even in the Ruhr area, more than 80 kilometers away, the wave claimed deaths and wreaked havoc.

Even today, over 100 years after its construction, the Moehne reservoir is still admired by people. Then when the water flows through the 105 overflow openings and a curtain of spray is created.

Further information also for guided tours:

From September 3rd to 11th the air is really hot again: At the Warsteiner International Montgolfiade, around 200 colorful balloons will ascend into the sky. Balloon pilots, their crews and friends of the air companions meet at Germany’s largest balloon festival in the Sauerland.

If you also want to go ballooning, then make this dream come true in Warstein. (Please register in advance)

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A historical domain and a cultural landscape between the Sauerland and the Muensterland. Here it is always worth stopping on the Haarstrang, e.g. on one of the motorway bridges. This offers a wonderful view of the famous tower silhouette of the old Hanseatic city of Soest.

There is also something special to discover all around the Soester Boerde. The Andreas Church is located in the Ostönnen district. With the oldest recordable organ in the world. With a lot of luck someone will be at the church office and open the church for you.

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The Muensterland is known as a paradise for cyclists – and has so much more to offer. With castles, hiking routes and nature reserves, the Southern Münsterland is a perfect destination.

Nordkirchen Castle, also known as Versailles in Westphalia, lives up to its name. The magnificent baroque building from the 18th century enchants with its imposing architecture and the fairytale castle garden. The castle park is open all year round. The castle itself, however, can only be visited as part of a guided tour. There is also a restaurant and a café. Definitely worth a trip!

All about the rally

Brightly polished chrome, colored ice and hot air … what does that sound like?

Well, this is clear. That sounds like our “ADAC Classic in the Park” – the grand finale every year.

The “Classic im Park” is a family festival and offers an all-round package to enjoy. It does not matter whether you want to marvel at the beautiful classic cars in the Bad Sassendorf spa gardens or if you want to just enjoy yourself at the historic food trucks. Whether crêpes, currywurst, pizza, burger or or or … pure enjoyment is guaranteed here.

And if you want to sniff hot air – our ADAC NRWolkenmobil will ascend to the skies in the spa gardens. Have you ever seen how such a hot air balloon is set up? If not, you are welcome to watch it or even “lend a hand”.

But that was not all. Of course there will also be the Concours d’Elégance or the catwalk for classic cars, where the most beautiful cars can present themselves in front of an audience. And what would beautiful cars be without beautiful people?
We cordially invite you to dress perfectly with a hat as the “icing on the cake”!

We look forward to meeting you!