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Active wellbeing in the “new” Bad Sassendorf

A unique graduation tower, an expanded and modernized “Boerde Therme” and a newly designed spa park with modern exercise offers – this is how the “new” Bad Sassendorf presents itself to its guests.

The new spa park offers recreation, relaxation and tranquility as well as enjoyment, culture and activity, for example with the new adventure golf course, the barefoot path and the low ropes course. The 73 meter long, newly built graduation tower is the showpiece in the spa park, inviting you to take a deep breath, but also to explore. The walkways lead over three levels. An elevator goes up to the viewing platform on the second floor – there is a fantastic view over the spa gardens.

Many small, mostly owner-managed shops and restaurants invite you to stroll and enjoy yourself. The history of the former Saelzerdorf and the effects of the natural remedies brine and moor are demonstrated in the interactive exhibition in the “Westphalian Salt World”. Bad Sassendorf offers a varied program of events throughout the year. Attractive hiking and biking trails as well as excursion destinations complete the offer. Selected arrangements such as the “trial days” or the “relaxation days” are recommended to get to know each other.

Strong engines for weak hearts – The KinderHerz Foundation

We are satisfied when it runs and runs and runs. Good engines cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers reliably, inconspicuously and without breakdowns. Without the driving force under the hood, however, nothing moves in the vehicle.

The engine is like our heart. However, too many little people have to start life with a sick heart. A real stuttering start. The KinderHerz Germany foundation is committed to ensuring that such errors are treated optimally so that these little hearts keep beating and beating and beating.

Every day in Germany around 20 babies are born with a heart defect. Their chances of survival can only be gradually improved through innovative medical care.
Together with committed partners and ambassadors from the field of motorsport, the KinderHerz Foundation has already achieved sustainable success and made many people aware of the concerns of children with heart disease.

“We want to ensure that children with congenital heart defects grow up carefree and can realize their dreams – in an everyday life without fears and worries,” emphasizes Sylvia Paul, Director of the KinderHerz Foundation.

Donation account

KinderHerz Foundation
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It could not be better – turned the hobby into a profession and doing good with it

TV car expert Sidney Hoffmann has also been supporting us since 2019 – actively with his Porsche 964. He is now an ambassador for the KinderHerz Foundation with steadily growing commitment.

When asked why he is committed to the KinderHerz foundation, motorsport enthusiast Sydney Hoffmann explains: “It is terrifying to read how many children are born with a heart defect. For these children there is no normal lightheartedness that they can enjoy! As outsiders, we cannot imagine what this means for the families concerned. We can only try to do a small part to give the children with heart disease a piece of normality and lightheartedness. And this is possible through the children’s heart medicine, which we want to support together.

That is why Sidney Hoffmann will participate again and make his passenger seat available for auction. “It’s the perfect symbiosis of job, hobby and doing good. And it’s great to know that in the end I can make a small contribution to ensuring that children are well. What is better? “

Rally helpers

Without the voluntary work done by the Local Clubs the rally could not be managed. Thank you for your cooperation.